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We are the leading manufacturer of air-driven home elevators that fit right into any home. With a global presence spanning over 12 countries, we are dedicated to providing the best convenience to households.

Our Home Elevators are self-supporting, built with bulletproof glass, aircraft-grade aluminum, and galvanized steel structure. Conforming to the highest European safety standards, our home elevators are the best option you can install at your house for stress-free living.

Our compact home elevators consume less energy than a home appliance, require less maintenance than its alternatives, and only need a small space to be installed.


360 Degree Panoramic View

Nibav Home Lifts use unbreakable glass technology called polycarbonate which is 250 times stronger than normal glass and is also the same material used for bullet proof glasses.

CKD(Completely Knocked Down)

We do not perform any type of welding, taping, or ducting work at your home because all that our engineers do is assemble these components (like Legos). This not only allows us to install the lift within 48 Hours, also ensuring that the quality of installation is as per the manufacturer standards.


Nibav Home Lifts will have the only elevator technology in the world that does not require any battery backup or temporary power supply in the event of power failure. All safety features which includes Telephone, Light, Fan, Child Switch, Emergency Descend & Alarm are standard in Nibav Home Elevators.

Self Supported Structure

Nibav Home Lifts come with its own self supported structure. This ensures that this elevator needs minimal to Zero Civil work. In fact, you do not need to build any side wall, column, beam or even a supporting structure. Since the shaft and the cabin are engineered and manufactured in the same facility, we are able to achieve maximum shaft to cabin space for any elevator.

Light Weight

Nibav Home Lifts are manufactured using the combination of Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. This allows the elevator to be light weight without compromising on strength. This also improves the build quality and life of the lifts as rusting is impossible. A two-stop elevator would roughly weigh only 680 KG. This allows the elevator to be installed even on your balcony or on any existing flooring without any need of special concreting or reinforcements.

Certified by TÜV SÜD

Our home lifts are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) by TÜV SÜD, which is the world’s leading management and process certification agency.

Nibav Home Lifts' 2023 Model

Nibav Home Elevators 2023 Model The new series becomes the World’s best pneumatic vacuum elevator. The New Series II is the result of our arduous and meticulous research and development. The outcome is a home elevator that provides superior technology, structure, and above all, an elevator that provides a smooth and elegant experience.

  • Sound Proof

Headroom Sound Proof: 2800mm
Special Glass Polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass)
Power Consumption 3.7kVA
Electrical Requirement 7.5 KVA Servo Stabilizer with 32 Amps
Maximum stops 4 Stops (G+3)

  • Split

Headroom Split: 2639mm
Special Glass Polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass)
Power Consumption 3.7kVA
Electrical Requirement 7.5 KVA Servo Stabilizer with 32 Amps
Maximum stops 4 Stops (G+3)

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Customer Reviews

Chef John Christopher, Australia

I had limited space in my basement, but the NIBAV elevator’s compact design made it the perfect solution. It not only looks sleek and stylish, but it also provides convenient access to my kitchen on the lower level.

Evelyn, Dubai

I am so grateful for my NIBAV elevator. It allows me to maintain my independence and move around my home with ease. Thank you, NIBAV!

William, Australia

I always believed that climbing stairs is a great form of exercise, but I learned the hard way that using an improper form can lead to knee injuries. I now make sure to use my home elevator to safely access my basement gym.

Deion Kentay, Canada

As a parent, I am grateful to NIBAV Home Lifts for their commitment to safety, which is evident in the EN, CE, and TUV SUD certifications. Their dedication to safety gives me confidence in the products I purchase for my home

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Nibav Lifts is the manufacturer of premium grade home elevators that are affordable, energy efficient and compact!


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